I was born in Ohio and when I was two I moved to Texas. I started playing football when I was five. Started playing because my older brother was playing and I just really wanted to go out there and just try it out. When I first started playing I was only five so I would get knocked down a lot by the other kids that were older, but that didn’t stop me that just encouraged me to keep trying. Ever since then I just fell in love with the game and even after a broken collarbone this past year I have kept playing the game and loving it. When I was about six my coach gave me the ball for the first time because we were up by about 30 points. We were on about the 25 yard line and I ran it to the left side of the field and somebody hit me on the 10 yard line but I kept running when I finally got to the end zone and scored I was dragging about three people. From that moment that on I played fullback. On defense at the time I played defensive line at every position, and I loved it because you got to hit somebody on every play of the game. Now I play linebacker on defense and I play fullback on offense.

I also love watching football, particularly college, and since I’m from Ohio I had been watching The Ohio State University since I was born. I always loved the Ohio State games and also looking at The Ohio state University team. I also like researching the recruits and why they’re interested in them and how they’re going to be using them. I mostly like Ohio State but I really just love football in general and whenever there is a game on I am watching it, whether its college or the NFL. I like the NFL because you see your favorite college players and you get to see how they grew and you see them up against a whole new type of competition. For me I like watching the Dallas Cowboys play one, because I live in Texas and two, I like watching Ezekiel Elliot, aka Zeek, play because I had watched him when nobody even knew who he was.