3 Linebacker Drills to Improve Your Overall Performance

  1. Angle Tackling

In this drill you will set our four cones in a triangle fashion and you will have a runner and a tackler. The runner will run to one of the cones at an angangle tacklingle and the tackler will meet the runner at the cone and he will correctly tackle the runner.

2. Point and Roll

In this drill the linebackers will line up on a line and a coach will be in front of them. The linebackers will get in a bear crawl form and when the coach blows the whistle they will start chopping their feet. When the coach points a certain way the linebackers will roll in that direction quickly. then the coach will do that a few more times and when the coach points forward the linebackers will do a flip roll forward and sprint about ten yards.

3. Shed and Throw

The purpose of this drill is to be able to develop proper position to defeat a potential blocker and make the tackle. You will get a three man sled and have the linebackers line up in front of them. The coach will be standing about 10 yards away when the coach blows the whistle they will grab the dummy and they will throw it to the side.


5 Drills to Improve a Offensive Lineman’s Agility

1.X Cone Drill

The X cone drill works on offensive lineman’s agility and also their footwork. Put 5 cones down in the form of an X.  Then send one person to the middle cone and have one person on the outside. The person on the inside will chop their feet, and the person on the
outside will point to a cone. WhiX cone drillch ever cone the person points to the one on the inside will either run to the cone, touch it, then backpedal back or backpedal to the cone,touch it, then run back.

2. Jump rope

Jump roping is the best way for offensive linemen to get faster footwork. It’s important to find a jump the perfect length for everyone depending on their height. It’s also important to jump on the balls of your feet and not flat footed.

  • Both Feet
  • Left Foot
  • Right Foot\

Start off with 25 jumps each then move to 50, 75, and then eventually to 100.

3. 4 Corners

Place 4 cones about 10 yards apart so they make a square. Have the lineman start off four-cornersin a 3 point stance, and then you will a whistle. the player will sprint to the first cone, carioca to the second drill, backpedal to the third, and lateral shuffle to the last cone

4. Low Bags or Agility Bags

The objective to low bags or agility bags is to improve foot quickness in offensive linemen and also to teach them to keep the level of their pads down when changing their direction. Lay six low bags on the ground about 2 feet apart each. Then have the offensive linemen get in a straight line in front of the bags starting in a 3 point stance. On the snap count, the O-linemen will then go over the bags . There are many drills you can do to improve O-linemen’s foot quickness using this.

  • sprint over the bags: one foot in each hole
  • lateral steps: run over bags laterally without crossing legs
  • twist: start with the lateral steps but after each hole the lineman will turn 180 degrees
  • side-to-side: face the bag  taking wide lateral steps going in and out of the bags
  • hops: hop in each hole
  • two feet: pound two feet in each hole agility bags drill

5.  10- Yard shuffles

Put the linemen on a line with another line 10 yards away. The linemen will put their foot on the line and you will blow the whistle. They will lateral shuffle from line to line for 1 minute. Over time you will gradually increase the time they have to shuffle. You can also make them when ever they touch the line to flip around 180 degrees.

A Few Drills to Improve a QB’s Form

The objective of this drill is to warmup a QBs arm simultaneously working on concentration on the target and ball release.in this drill a QB will pair up with a receiver or another QB and they will line up directly across from each other about 10 yards apart and get on both knees. Their partner will hold both hands up giving the other person a target to throw at. Don’t throw hard and concentrate on the target.

In this drill put your knee on your throwing side, grip the ball with one hand, cock it high with two hands, and throw to you partner. You will need to over exaggerate your throw. Use only your arm and lead with your elbow. Switch down to one knee for variation. This drill will help stronger arc and wrist snap.

The objective of this drill is to warm up the arm and at the same time to time teach concentration on a target and working on a passing technique. Pair off about 12 yards apart directly in line with each other and Increase the distance as you warm up but don’t go over 20 yards and do not take a step with your foot. This drill helps develop your arm.