May The 4th Be With You

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3 Defensive Lineman drills

  1. Hand Fighting

In this drill the D-linemen will line up no more than arm lengths away from each other. The lineman who is playing the offensive side will repetitively try to strike at the defenders chest. The lineman who is playing the defensive side will quickly swat away the offensive players arms not letting him control him. At no point in the drill will either of the players feet move. After a while you can practice on other techniques such as rips and swim moves.

2.  Recovery

Once again, pair up and have an offensive player and a defensive player. The offensive player will grip the breastplate of the defensive player shoulder pads. On, the wswim movehistle the defensive player will then do anything they can to regain leverage. After you do that for a while you can add a ball carrier that must be tackled to make the drill a bit harder.

3. Swim Move Drill

You will first lineup in front of somebody, you will then put your shoulder into the
offending player. Your arm will then come over the offenders shoulder and you will push off their back. Once you do that for a while you can then make the offensive player try to stop the player playing on offense


3 Running Back Cone Drills to Improve your Footwork


  1.                                                                                                                                                     You will need to put 8 cones in a straight line.The RB will have the ball in their hands and they will have it tightly secured and they will also not swinrb cone drillg the ball. They will then put one foot on each side of the cone going through the cones. The first time they go they will hold the ball with their right hand, and on the way back they will hold the ball with their left hand.
  2. Snake                                                                         With the same cone setup as before the running backs will weave in and out of the cones tightly. They will once again put one foot on the left go between the cones and then they will put their foot on the right and so on. They will put the ball in their right hand on the way their and then they will switch hands and put it in their left hand on the way back, also do not hop.
  3.  5-10-5

In this drill you will 3 cones 5 yards apart. The running 5-10-5 drillback will start on the middle cone and they will first sprint to one cone, then they will cut and go to the furthest cone, and then they will cut and sprint through the middle cone.







3 Linebacker Drills to Improve Your Overall Performance

  1. Angle Tackling

In this drill you will set our four cones in a triangle fashion and you will have a runner and a tackler. The runner will run to one of the cones at an angangle tacklingle and the tackler will meet the runner at the cone and he will correctly tackle the runner.

2. Point and Roll

In this drill the linebackers will line up on a line and a coach will be in front of them. The linebackers will get in a bear crawl form and when the coach blows the whistle they will start chopping their feet. When the coach points a certain way the linebackers will roll in that direction quickly. then the coach will do that a few more times and when the coach points forward the linebackers will do a flip roll forward and sprint about ten yards.

3. Shed and Throw

The purpose of this drill is to be able to develop proper position to defeat a potential blocker and make the tackle. You will get a three man sled and have the linebackers line up in front of them. The coach will be standing about 10 yards away when the coach blows the whistle they will grab the dummy and they will throw it to the side.